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Blanket and Fleck - Driveway ResurfacingFound a few cracks and holes in your old concrete and thinking about installing new concrete? The good news is you don’t have to do that. Choose concrete resurfacing instead. Call Impact Surface Solutions to enquire about this service!

When it comes to longevity, nothing beats concrete. In fact, your concrete driveway or patio can last a lifetime if protected with the right products and taken care of correctly.

But concrete is frequently exposed to foot and vehicular traffic, as well as damaging UV rays and moisture. It can develop cracks, fading and more. Does your concrete look something like this?

In the past, the only solution to damaged concrete was to demolish it entirely and then start from scratch. The problem is a new install can sometimes be a hassle and destructive to surrounding structures and landscaping, not to mention the expensive price tag.

But there’s no need to reinstall concrete when you can have it resurfaced instead. With this process, your concrete will undergo complete repair and deep cleaning before a new surface is laid out to transform your concrete.

Here are some of our concrete resurfacing transformations:


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Why Choose Concrete Resurfacing?

Sandstone driveway

Faster application with less hassle

Whether you’re a residential property owner who wants to glam up your old and damaged patio or a facility manager who wants the driveway usable as soon as possible, concrete resurfacing is the ideal concrete improvement solution for you.

The entire resurfacing process dries swiftly…so you don’t need to seal off foot traffic access for an entire week. This is especially important for commercial properties that need to minimise disruptions experienced by their customers. However we do recommend extra curing time for vehicular traffic.

Improved durability

Concrete resurfacing not only gives your patio or driveway a new lease on life. Because all signs of damage are patched and repaired, your concrete’s longevity is now extended. Resurfacing provides your concrete with sufficient protection from moisture, wear and tear, and chemical spills.

Blanket and Fleck - Pool Surround Resurfacing

New colour

Ordinary concrete surfaces can be boring. You’re stuck with different shades of grey and you’re so tired of it. With concrete resurfacing, you can choose a new colour to liven up any space.

Choose a super dark colour to give that driveway or patio that sophisticated elegance. Or choose classic browns for a rich, earthy vibe.

Overcrete Carport

Anti-skid surface

It’s only natural for external concrete to become slippery after a thunderstorm or if it’s used as a pool surround. If not maintained properly, it can get very slippery from mould growth and might injure someone who walks on it. That’s why it’s important to renew your concrete by giving it a fresh finish with resurfacing, providing a naturally spray textured finish with excellent non-slip properties.

Choose Impact Surface Solutions

The members of our team at Impact Surface Solutions are trained, certified and have extensive experience in concrete resurfacing and other concrete improvement solutions. Trust us with your resurfacing needs!

Blanket and Fleck

Conducting Concrete Resurfacing

Mechanical grinding is the first step in ensuring a smoother surface and maximising adhesion. All holes and cracks are patched on the surface before the entire area is pressure cleaned thoroughly. Cleaning the concrete plays a crucial role in ensuring that the resurfacing process goes smoothly and lasts a lifetime.

Next, is the concrete application process. A specialty acrylic modified concrete solution is mixed and trowelled onto the surface as a base coat. The next 2 applications are sprayed on using a gravity fed hopper gun, leaving an even non-slip profile. We often will spray a couple of contrasting fleck colours which play a crucial role in the non-slip and aesthetic forgiveness of the finish. The surface is then sealed with 2 coats of high quality acrylic sealer.

Speak to us today about our specialty range of luxury finishes:

From stained concrete finishes
Stained Concrete - Barkly Homestead NT
To concrete made to imitate timber decking
Deck Crete Resurfacing

Want to give your patio or driveway a makeover? Get in touch with Impact Surface Solutions 0439 846 663 to request an estimate, or send us a message at to learn more about this service.

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