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Epoxy Flooring

A floor surface that is striking, long-lasting, and slip-resistant? Yes, it’s possible with our Gold Coast epoxy flooring services! Contact Impact Surface Solutions now to learn more about your options.

Epoxy Flooring – Beauty and Durability Combined

Epoxy flooringEpoxy is a type of floor surface coating made up of resin mixed with a hardener. It is primarily used to protect concrete floors in both commercial and residential settings.

Once the epoxy resin and the hardener are mixed, it can be applied to the concrete using either rollers or trowels, depending on the specified system. An epoxy coating system that is rolled on is more suited to larger areas like warehouses as it is more cost effective than the alternative trowel coat system. Trowel coated epoxy systems will offer a more permanent protection that can handle hot water washing and higher impacts due to its thicker application. 

The epoxy coating is left to dry and cure. Once fully cured, your floor gets a protective barrier that effectively shields it from dirt, debris, staining and wear and tear, with the option of a non-slip rating.

Polyurethane Cement – The Top Flooring Solution for Commercial and Industrial Spaces

What do labs, commercial kitchens, food processing plants, and cold storage warehouses have in common? They all need hygienic, resilient flooring that is suitable for food manufacturing and is safe for workers.

The solution? Polyurethane Cement!

Also known as PU Cement, this type of hybrid resin combines a two-component polyurethane resin with a Portland cement component (as the name suggests). When combined, these two components create a hard-wearing, highly chemical resistant coating with anti-microbial properties. PU Cements boast an extremely fast curing time when compared to Epoxy Resins, which can help reduce down time for your business, saving you money!

What makes PU cement a better choice for commercial and industrial properties is its superior anti-slip properties. It is greatly resistant to water and grease, which helps keep you and your workers safe.

Sprucing Up Your Floors Just Got Easier and Faster

PU Cement - Goodman Fielder Bakery

Unlike other types of floor improvement solutions, it only takes a few days to prep the floor, apply the coatings, and leave it to dry and cure.

If you need an even faster turnaround time, then PU Cement flooring is the right choice. With versatility to further accelerate curing times, PU Cement is a great option for repairs to your existing floor which can be carried out after trading hours or weekends with no interruption to your business.

Are you seeking inspiration for your new floor?

Why Choose Epoxy or Polyurethane Cement Flooring?

Macro Mikes

Customisable flooring solution

With epoxy or polyurethane flooring, you’re not stuck with boring grey or drab brown. Both flooring options are customizable, and you can choose different colours that suit your application or even your company branding. If you prefer to wash your floors with  hot water, we can apply a thicker coating that can withstand the thermal shock. If you prefer to only mop your floors, then we can reduce the non-slip rating so that it is easier to clean whilst maintaining a safety standard for your staff.

Tough and long-lasting

PU cement and epoxy floors offer greater durability, making them perfect for areas with high foot or forklift traffic. It can withstand extreme wear and tear and doesn’t scratch or chip easily. With seamless properties, it outperforms alternative flooring options such as vinyl that tends to fail at its seams.

PU Cement - Sobah Brewing kitchen
PU Cement System - Aged Care Commercial Kitchen

Improved chemical resistance

Epoxy and polyurethane floors can withstand most commonly used chemicals in commercial and industrial settings without peeling or fading. This makes them ideal for laboratories, restaurants, production plants, warehouses, cold storage, and more.

Dependable non-skid properties

Bare concrete and other flooring options can be slippery, making them a hazard to employees and guests. If you’re looking for a flooring solution with higher slip resistance, then epoxy and PU flooring are the ideal choice.

PU Cement System - Bakers Delight

Low maintenance flooring

Simply vacuum, mop or wash the floor regularly to keep it clean and ensure its longevity.

It’s only natural to have questions about epoxy and polyurethane flooring. Of course, we’re more than happy to answer any questions you might have right now. 

Just reach out to us at 0439 846 663 or send a message to for a free estimate.

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