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Burleigh Heads Gold Coast

Time to upgrade your garage floor or retail space? Choose flake and resin flooring by the Gold Coasts’ best at Impact Surface Solutions!

When it comes to superior flake and resin flooring applications on the Gold Coast, Impact Surface Solutions is a leader in the industry. We’ve mastered the art of applying resin flooring and breathing new life into it!

Creating Flake Flooring

The first step to creating resin and flake flooring is proper surface preparation. This is acheived by mechanically grinding the surface with our state of the art equipment in a dust free manner, cleaning the concrete of any old coatings or contaminants and leaving a profiled surface.The entire floor is cleaned meticulously before every crack is patched. This creates an even and dirt-free surface for us to work on.

Once everything is patched, sanded, and cleaned, we can now apply the Epoxy Resin System.

Flake System Illustration

Resin Vinyl System Diagram

First a primer coat followed by a base coat of epoxy is applied, then comes the fun part: broadcasting flakes onto the floor. Your chosen flake colour is tossed on the floor into the wet basecoat to create a seamless uniform design.

Once dry, the floor is scraped and vacuumed to remove any excess flake before applying the final clear coat of Polyurethane. 

The clear coat is often the smelly component for our opposition applicators but rest assured, we only use the best available  solvent free resin with almost no odour making it more pleasant and safe for you and your family or workers.

Here are some of our flake transformations


Are you seeking inspiration for your new floor?

Liquid Marble Resin - Brew Cafe

What is Decorative Resin Flooring?

Decorative Resin Flooring is applied in a very similar way to flake flooring, without the flakes! We incorporate different pigments and components and use different application methods to create unique works of art that are completely one of a kind!

These uniquely stunning floors can be applied to most indoor concrete surfaces and are most popular in retail applications. With endless colour combinations and designs to choose from, your floor is only limited by your imagination.

Check out a video of our Decorative Resin install for Footlocker at Pacific Fair QLD

Here's Why Our Customers Love Flake and Resin Flooring

Flake Flooring - Bently

Whether you want to upgrade an entire office floor or your dusty garage floor at home, flake and resin flooring is the perfect choice. Epoxy resin has been proven to withstand high traffic and chemical exposure, making it the perfect choice for indoor or outdoor applications.

Don’t let the gloss fool you! People often confuse glossy with slippery. Flake flooring has a natural profile to its surface, providing a surprisingly non-slip finish. However, we can always add additional non-slip to the final coat to increase slip-resistance if preferred.

It can be used in restaurants, stores, sports centres, warehouses, garages, showrooms, toilet and shower amenities and more! Your options are virtually endless.

Is flake flooring suitable for outdoors?

Although traditionally applied to internal concrete, flake flooring can also be applied to external concrete including driveways, footpaths, balconies and pool surrounds. 

Although the process is fundamentally the same as described above, we use a different combination of hybrid resins that are more suited to the UV and moisture exposure.

Garage Flake Floor with Van

Modern Beauty

There’s something so modern about flake and resin flooring that makes it perfect for any home or commercial property. Tired of old-fashioned hardwood or tile floors that look old-fashioned and take too long to install? Then choose this decorative flooring!


With proper maintenance and a little TLC, your floor can go a long way. There’s no need to switch it up every two to three years just because your floor has cracked or peeled. Even better? The colour stays as vibrant as ever even after years have passed.

Maintaining a Flake and Resin Floor? Easy Peasy.

Regular sweeping or vacuuming is all it takes to keep the floor clean daily. Want a deeper clean? Simply use a mixture of water and mild surface cleaner to remove deep-seated dirt and bring back its shine. Download our maintenance guide for more info!

Wide Selection of Flake Colours and Styles

With access to several suppliers and their individual colour ranges, we have you covered for colour choice. We can even have flakes custom blended upon request to match your business branding or theming. 

Having trouble choosing the right colour? Sample boards can be created upon request. Our colour brochures can be downloaded below!

Ready to transform your floor at home or in the office with resin and flake flooring? Then get in touch with Impact Surface Solutions at 0439 846 663. You can also request a free estimate by dropping us a line at

More info on our flake and resin flooring can be found here!

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