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Polished and Honed Concrete

Have you ever considered giving your dull concrete a sophisticated and dazzling upgrade? Look no further than polished and honed concrete. Offering a stunning and modern appearance with extreme resilience, get in touch with Impact Surface Solutions based on the Gold Coast to get a polished and honed floor.

What is Polished Concrete?

If you want to give your internal flooring a breathtaking shine, then choose polished concrete.

This method uses mechanical grinders to remove thin layers of the surface to reveal the desired amount of stone (aggregate) concealed within the concrete and then polish out the scratches to produce a shiny surface.

It is also known as Mechanically Polished Concrete (MPC) as it only relies on the machine to refine the surface to the desired gloss level. This methodical process can take up to 10 machine passes and reach a mirror like reflection.

Polished concrete can be used to improve:

MPC Residential

Residential Flooring

MPC - PremiAir Racing

Commercial Flooring

MPC retail showroom

Retail Flooring

MPC - Triple 8 Racing

Garage Flooring

Hone and Seal Pool Surround

What is Honed Concrete?

Some customers mistakenly assume that polished concrete and honed concrete are the same. There are similarities between these two concrete improvement methods, but the difference lies in the process. What makes honed concrete different from polished concrete? Let’s find out.

Honed concrete also uses a mechanical grinder to remove layers of the surface and reveal a flatter layer underneath. Typically completed in two to three machine passes, this process involves less refinement to the scratches on the surface, giving more of a matte or low sheen appearance with less colour clarity on the aggregate. 

This in turn adds to the slip resistance, making honed concrete an excellent choice for outdoor surfaces. 

Are you seeking inspiration for your new floor?

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Honed Concrete can be Used to Improve:

hone and seal Pool edging

Pool surrounds

Honed and Seal Steppers

Footpaths and Walkways

patio hone and seal


Grind and Seal - non-slip finish

Garage Floors

Hone and Seal driveway


Retail hone and seal

Commercial Flooring

Why Choose Polished and Honed Concrete?

Floors Can Be Easily Customised

Customers are free to choose the level of exposure from nil (Surface Polish) to full aggregate exposure. Gloss level can also be selected to suit your preference from a matte surface to a super-sleek mirror finish. 

Fast and Easy Concrete Floor Improvement

We use our state of the art Husqvarna machinery fleet to polish and hone concrete which minimises turnaround time and disruptions for you and your business. This is also a great solution for commercial property owners who need to return their space to service right away.

Hone and seal retail

Give Concrete a Unique Look

Want an interior floor or a patio that dazzles? Choose polished or honed concrete.
These concrete flooring solutions produce a gloss that gives any surface a timeless appeal. Whether it’s for a residential garage, a coffee shop, or an office, you’ll never go wrong with honed or polished concrete.

Easy Maintenance

Simply sweep, vacuum or dry mop the polished or honed concrete floor to keep it clean daily. When wet mopping we only recommend the use of a pH neutral floor cleaner to avoid damaging the surface or the sealer. Steam mops are also advised against.

MPC residential high gloss


This type of flooring can last for many years when kept clean and maintained regularly.

Want to give your plain, old concrete floor a makeover? Get in touch with Impact Surface Solutions at 0439 846 663 or request an estimate by sending a message to

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